Hamady's Art Teacher featured in My City Magazine

Hamady's Art Teacher featured in My City Magazine
Posted on 11/29/2018
Genesee County Schools boast some wonderful Visual Arts programs! The teachers strive to boost the students’ self-esteem, problem-solving skills, and intelligence while cultivating their individual creativity. MCM was granted access to the spaces where young artists enjoy true freedom of expression and invited them to talk about what art education means to them.

Hamady Middle/High School

Instructor: John Buchheister (7 years)
Favorite Artist and Piece: Two favorite artists are Albrecht Durer and Francis Bacon.

What made you decide to be an art teacher?

My high school art teacher encouraged me to go into teaching.

Why are the Visual Arts important for students?

The study of the arts grows habits of discipline and focus. Creation of art supports problem-solving and creative thought, as well as critique skills. School art programs keep many students engaged in the learning process, which improves attendance. The arts foster learning in many other skills – the skill of thinking creatively and critically will help students throughout their lives.

Taylor Barton
How is teaching art different from other subjects?

Art is one of the only subjects that allows the student to express themselves. By creating projects that include learning from their other classes, teachers can use the arts to help students synthesize and adapt lessons from other studies.

What is your favorite student memory?

I helped a fifth-grader who was being bullied in his homeroom by letting him use my room as a safe space.

Gregory Nelson
What makes you most proud to be an art teacher?

I am the only designated art teacher in the district (Westwood Heights). It is my responsibility to introduce and encourage the arts to my students.
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