Meet Ms. Dionna Ross

Meet Ms. Dionna Ross
Posted on 10/13/2022

Meet Dionna Ross, the Principal of Hamady Middle and High School. Discover her background and learn more about her journey as she gives us details about her school successes and goals. 


What job did you have before becoming the Principal of Hamady Hawks?


"I was an 11th and 12th grade English teacher."


How long have you been the Principal of Hamady Middle/High School?


"This is year six for me."


What are the achievements you are looking forward to this school year?


"This school year, I would like to see an increase in our curriculums. A lot more writing district-wide and a lot of homework being assigned because I believe that practice and reinforcement help to improve our skills. I would like to see more team bonding with the staff members. And I would like to see students enjoying themselves and having a lot of fun this year." 


As the principal of this school, how do you want to be recognized? 


"I want to be recognized as a fair but firm leader."


What is your biggest accomplishment?


"My biggest accomplishment is being a mother. I think I enjoy being a mother more than anything in the world. My kids motivate me to work hard."


What does a successful year look like?


"A successful year looks like teachers enjoying teaching and students enjoying being here. A successful year for me is everyone enjoying their time while they're here and looking forward to being here."


How have you dealt with challenges, and what are some ways you have resolved them? 


"I have dealt with a lot of challenges by praying. Having a game plan is like making some short-term goals and some long-term goals and putting in the action to meet those goals and taking it one day at a time, not stressing out if I need to start over or if I need a plan B, or a plan C, because plan A didn't work. I'm not afraid of change, so I think that's how I met many of my goals and accomplished many of my dreams.


What advice would you give teachers and staff members during their first year?


"Don't be afraid to ask for help."


What are your hobbies and favorite food?


"My hobby is reading. I absolutely love reading and listening to music. My favorite food is cake, and I love sweets and cookies. Anything sweet is my favorite food."


What are your major strengths as a principal?


"My major strength is the ability to relate to all families and students. I think I can pretty much relate to all people from all walks of life. And I think that is a strength. Because you have to be able to connect with the people you serve because I am serving you guys."


What do you like to do on your days off?


"I like to sleep on my days off. I like watching TV shows on Netflix and shopping on my days off."


What would the students be surprised to find out about you?


"That I want to be a DJ. I'm going to start taking DJ lessons. I want to be a DJ. I have all the equipment. I don't have the time yet to take classes, but I will have time one day."


What are the difficulties of being the principal? 


"Expecting everyone to be fair and nice. And do what is right and what is good. And it's difficult for me to see people that choose not to do good. When it's really easy to be nice, it's free to be nice, love people, and be kind. When I see people not doing those things, whether the adults in the building or the students, that's really difficult for me because I don't like that type of behavior, that's my hardest thing, and I think just seeing people mistreat each other."


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