Wear Orange Day!

Wear Orange Day!
Posted on 10/19/2023

On Wednesday, October 18th, our incredible staff and students came together in a vibrant sea of orange to mark National Bullying Prevention Month! 🧡 The powerful symbolism behind our collective choice to participate in the "Wear and Share Orange" campaign goes beyond just a color – it represents unity, kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Every orange shirt, accessory, and smile shared sent a visible message: No child should ever experience bullying. 🚫 Bullying has no place in our schools, our communities, or our hearts. Together, we are creating a safe space where every child can thrive, free from fear and full of confidence.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in this meaningful gesture. Your support is not just seen; it's felt deeply, reminding us of the strength that lies in unity. Let's continue spreading kindness, understanding, and compassion, making every month Bullying Prevention Month. Together, we can make a difference! 🌟 #UnityInOrange #KindnessMatters #BullyingPreventionMonth 🧡🤝


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