Annual Education Report (AER)



February 11, 2021

Dear Parents and Westwood Heights Community Members:

We are pleased to present you with the Annual Education Report (AER), which provides key information on the 2019-2020 educational progress for Hamady High.  The (AER) addresses the complex reporting information required by federal and state laws.  The school’s report contains information about student assessment, accountability and teacher quality.  If you have any questions about the AER, please contact Ms. Dionna Ross,  Principal, for assistance (810) 591-8653.  

The AER is available for you to review electronically by visiting the following web site: or you may review a copy in the main office at Hamady Middle/High School.  

For the 2019-2020 school year, the requirement for an updated SIP was waived by the state, and we are moving to the new MICIP process for 2020/2021 school year.


Using data found in the AER report, Hamady High School’s school improvement plan can be accessed in the fall on our website with other documents. It is updated annually our school improvement plan focuses on increasing achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics proficiency. In addition, we strive to increase the number of college and career ready students prepared to enter the 21st century workforce. To address these gaps, Hamady High School has created goals, strategies, and activities through the AdvancED School Improvement process. In each core academic area, strategies and activities have been designed to not only improve academic achievement for all students but specifically for students in the lowest 30% in achievement level. It is our hope that the strategies and activities will be successful to ensure higher levels of student academic excellence.    

We have supporting classes for students who struggle in core areas by providing professionals. Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) continue to lead school improvement by setting school wide goals and completing department tasks. This year our improvement team will continues to develop to develop SAT test taking strategies and SAT prep review sessions in all core areas. Department chairs were also responsible for mentoring members of their department in designing and mapping out curriculum in their subject areas. While we are pleased to have reached last year’s goals, we will still work towards continuous improvement by setting goals. 

State law requires that we also report additional information (please see below).

  1. Students that live within the designated school boundaries are able to attend Hamady High School.  Additionally, families who are not residents of the Westwood Heights School District may apply for Out of District Schools of Choice.  Please contact Ms. Dionna Ross, Principal, for assistance.  
  2. Hamady High School, along with the entire Westwood Heights School District, received district wide full accreditation from the AdvancED School Accreditation Program during the 2016-2017 school year. Hamady High School also maintains a continuous School Improvement Plan that is revised and updated annually to meet State and district guidelines. The focus of the school improvement plan is to increase the percentage of our students who score proficiently in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies on the Michigan Merit Exam. Another focus is on ensuring that all students are involved with engaging enrichment programs.  
  3. Hamady High School provides instruction for students in grades 9-12. Approximately 19 juniors and seniors attended the Genesee Area Skill Center for a portion of the day. We also provide all students an enrichment experience after school through the 21st Century After School program. 




    Academy West: Academy West is an alternative high school completion program for those students who have not been successful in the traditional high school setting. 


    Genesee Career Institute: GCI Technology Center provides career-technical training for 11th and 12th graders who wish to develop specific job skills. Approximately 40 different career-technical courses are taught at the GASC Technology Center. 


    Distance Learning Lab:


    GenNET: The Genesee Network for Education Telecommunications is a 

    fiber optic network that provides integrated voice, video, and data communication technology. Students can take unique classes from teachers in other districts without ever leaving Grand Blanc. 

    Virtual Classes: GBHS offers Internet classes from a variety of sources 

    with different formats. The classes may be accessed from a home or 

    school computer. Students may work on their online classes at times 

    that fit their school and/or personal schedule.



  4.  Hamady High School has worked diligently to incorporate the state core curriculum, including the Common Core Standards for ELA and Math along with the Michigan standards and benchmarks, in other areas of the district's curriculum offerings. Core curriculum areas necessitating such attention include: Social Studies, Science, Health, Physical Education, Foreign Language and Technology.  The plan can be accessed in the main office.
  5. The aggregate student achievement results for the High School. The NWEA for the Spring of 2018 for Reading was 6.0 points of growth. Math was 5.4 points of growth. The growth numbers for the Spring of 2019 Reading was -0.6 and the Math was 11.4 points. 


  6. Hamady High School prides itself with communicating with parents during the parent/teacher conferences.  In an attempt to meet with every parent, Hamady High School teachers extend themselves by conferring with parents by other means such as phone conferences and face-to-face meetings during unscheduled conferences. (60%) 


  7. A. Currently, Hamady High School has 17 (5%) students enrolled in postsecondary courses.


B. The number of college equivalent courses offered. We offer (1) AP class and (1) dual enrollment class. 


C.   We currently have 14 students (5%) enrolled in college equivalent courses. 

D. We currently have 17 (5%) of students receiving a score leading to college credit. 



We believe all students can learn; therefore, we will establish high standards and create an environment that engages our students in academic work, resulting in academic excellence. 


Hamady High School students were also successful outside of the classroom.  The girls and boys basketball teams continue to perform at district and state championship levels. Our boys wrestling and football teams are still performing at a high level.  In addition, a large number of students have received scholarships towards their college experiences, both in state and out-of-state universities. We are very proud of our students’ achievements and look forward to continued growth and progress in making every student a successful citizen.



In Closing, it is with great pride and enthusiasm that the team at Hamady High School presents this report to you.  We recognize the important role we play in helping our students reach their full potential, and the Hamady High staff works diligently towards student academic achievement.  We truly believe all students can be successful, and this belief drives the work we do on a daily basis.  Through our continuous dedication and devotion to our students and families, we will continue to strive towards success.    



Dionna Ross

Principal, Hamady High School



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